Belstone shower door systems are the hospitality industry's cost-effective solution for modern guest bathrooms.  All shower door model styles are easy to install and durable.  Doors are designed with tempered glass for safety and lasting beauty for the long term.  Custom shower doors are available upon request.  

All of our tempered glass doors, whether standard or customer, are treated with AquaGuard® for reduced water spotting and easier cleaning to keep showers looking brand new.

Bypass Shower Door

Shower Barn Door

Pivot Shower Door

The newest addition to Belstone's shower door model styles, the Shower Barn Door is great for small spaces and provides a fresh contemporary look.


The Bypass Door model requires a top rail for mounting the door rollers and is adjustable to fit out-of-square openings.  The doors are frameless and offer an unobstructed view of the shower.

The Pivot Door model has no top frame mounting and uses a unique hinge system that allows the door glass to slide within the hinge for adjustment.  The European Style design results in a very clean and elegant look.